Save and familiar payment methods

On our webshop all prices al including VAT. The VAT percentage is 20%. strives to provide a wide variety of payment options. That way, everyone has a payment option they will prefer. provides the following payment guarantees:

 Payments take place in a secure environment
 No abuse of personal information
 Post-pay options available
 No additional transaction costs

Want to know more about the payment options available?

payment in advance
Payment in advance

With this payment method you transfer the money for your order to our bank account manually. Make sure when using this method that you indicate what order number you have received. When you have finished the ordering process, an e-mail with our bank details will be send to you.

Our bank information is:
Account: 74271835
IBAN: GB42MIDL40051574271835
Bic/swift code : MIDLGB22
VAT NO.: GB171177414

Take note that this payment method is not the fastest way to order and pay a product. Normally speaking it takes 3 business days for the payment to be received. Only when the payment has been received will your order be send to you.


Simply said, PayPal is an online bank account. To use PayPal you link your regular bank account to your PayPal account. That way you can just make payments online and the money will just be transferred. By using your e-mail address you can simply log in and make a payment. You can also use PayPal by transferring a certain amount and use that to make a payment. Every payment made with PayPal is covered. So if you do not get what you payed for, you can always get your money back.

Why choose this payment option?

  • Very easy to use
  • Usage of PayPal is completely free
  • PayPal protects your personal information
  • PayPal uses full coverage for all payments

Barcelonachair_Direct ebanking
Direct E-Banking

Direct E-banking is a universal paying method used by more than 46 million consumers in Europe. This payment method makes it very easy to transfer your money to where ever you want. When making a payment online the software for direct e-banking automatically fills in all your information. Because it is linked to your bank, this way of paying is not only quick, but also very save. Therefore it is clear why so many consumers use this payment method.

Why choose this payment option?

  • Your privacy is guaranteed
  • Quick handling of the payment
  • Direct E-banking is a free service


iDEAL is an online payment option used in the Netherlands. With this payment option you can make save and easy online purchases. Using iDEAL, you can make payments in the security and save environment of your own bank. By creating a digital link to your bank and its payment environment you pay in a environment that is familiar and easy to use. If you are affiliated to ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Knab, Rabobank, SNS Bank, SNS Regio Bank or theTriodos Bank, you can make online payments using iDEAL.

Why choose this payment option?

  • Your privacy is guaranteed
  • No registration needed
  • Making payments with iDEAL is free


Giropay is a payment method for residents of Germany. Using this payment method you can make your payment in the secure and familiar environment of your own bank. By just filling in some information and hitting send, you can make payments. Not only is this payment method quick and easy, it is also very save. Because the payment takes place in the secured environment of your own bank you use make use of their secured server the complete your payments.

Why choose this payment option?

  • Payments are secured and save
  • No registration needed
  • Personal information is protected


Klarna is a payment method in which you have fourteen days to make your payment. This way you can receive and view a product with your own eyes before deciding to pay for it. By choosing this payment method you agree with the Terms and Conditions of Klarna. You can only choose this payment method when the invoice address is the same as the delivery address and the order does not exceed €1500,-. If you want more information you can contact Klarna by calling (020) 80 82 852 or by visiting their site

Why choose this payment option?

  • You can see the product before you pay for it
  • The product will be send immediately


Mistercash is a payment option only available for residents of Belgium. By using Mistercash you can make a payment using the save and familiar environment of your own bank. This way you will also make use of the secured and save methods your bank uses to secure your personal information. The only thing needed to make a payment with mistercash are a personal account and your card number and expiration date. Paying with Mistercash is similar to paying with a credit card, the difference however is, is that when making a payment with MisterCash, the money will immediately be transferred.

Why choose this payment option?

  • Mistercash is free to use
  • It is save and very easy
  • It is fast

Barcelonachair_DHL rembours
Cash on delivery

When using this payment option you pay for the product once you have received it. This way you see what you are paying for. You pay the delivery company when they deliver your order. Take note that you can only pay in cash when using this payment option. Cash on delivery is only available in The Netherlands and in Belgium and can only be used with orders below €1.500,-. Using this option will cost an additional €9,95.

Why choose this payment option?

  • You only pay for your product once you've received it