Barcelona Sofa

Share the joy with the Barcelona Couch. This lengthened version of the Barcelona Chair is perfect to enjoy with several people. The Barcelona Couch is available in 5 different colours.

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The Barcelona Chair, a world-renowned design

The Barcelona Chair replica was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German pavilion at th1929 World Expo in Barcelona. It was the setting for the opening ceremony, held by the Spanish King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria.Some of the Barcelona Chairs served as royal church pews. Mies van der Rohe was a pioneer of modernism and master in creating volumes. He liberated living areas with ornaments and floral decorations and elegant furniture such as the Barcelona Chair, which to this day is regarded as a style icon. The new interiors are characterised by simplicity in steel, glass and concrete.

The high-quality materials and timeless design are the main reasons that the Barcelona Chair has been an icon for decades among design enthusiasts around the world.

You can read all about the history of the Barcelona Chair Here

Barcelona Couch

Share the joy with the Barcelona Couch. This lengthened version of the Barcelona Chair is perfect to enjoy with several people. As a lightweight bench, it is also ideal to shift around and, therefore, makes it easy to arrange the interior to your liking. The Barcelona Couch is designed with the same concept as the Barcelona Chair. In combination with the Barcelona Chair replica, it can be integrated seamlessly into a living, leisure and/or dining room.

Are you tired of buying one matching chair and or couch for your current interior? Barcelona Premium is characterised by a noble, timeless and yet contemporary style. The advantage is that the Barcelona Couch matches with every interior.

Why the Barcelona Couch?

Barcelona Couch is the best way to relax together after a long day. As with the Barcelona Chair, they will fulfil your wishes and needs. The design is characterised by its diversity and simple elegance and is indispensable in a modern room.

The Barcelona Couch is available in 5 colours. In addition to black and white, the couch is also available in cognac, brown and red. All variations are made of cowhide and supplied with high-quality materials.

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